Centerwell Senior Care

Value-Based Care Supports Our Doctors and Patients

Medical care team consulting at table with computer

I come from a family of physicians.  Between myself, my wife, my parents, my sister, and others, we often joke that we could be our own large multispecialty practice. What unites us is a common dedication and passion in caring for patients.

I see the same characteristics in our CenterWell and Conviva physicians and the way they work with our integrated care teams to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Primary care doctors are often at the center of care for patients when it comes to medical treatment. But the 15-minute appointment common in the fee for service model of care simply isn’t working – for doctors or patients, especially our senior patients who may have more chronic diseases and health challenges to manage. Studies show that primary care doctors would need 27-hour workdays to handle all of the duties associated with primary care. It’s no surprise that in a recent survey, 93% of physicians report feeling burned out.

Value-based models with integrated care teams relieve the doctor of the sole responsibility of patient care. Working together, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse care coordinators, referral specialists, community health workers, behavioral health specialists and pharmacists track each patient’s medical journey alongside the doctor. This also allows doctors to have dedicated time to review records and spend up to 50% more time with patients at each appointment. That’s what integrated care is all about.

This model works and can have lasting effects on patients and doctors. Here’s an example of how longer appointment times and support from an integrated care team impact the doctor experience as they help patients enjoy their best health possible. Meet two of our CenterWell doctors in Mississippi, Dr. Tim Sanford and his son, Dr. Mitch Sanford, who understand and appreciate the care model at CenterWell, because it allows them to practice medicine like we all imagined in medical school.


Thank you to both Dr. Sanfords, and all our doctors across CenterWell, Conviva and Humana, for your dedication and commitment to our patients. Doctors who are passionate about senior-focused, value-based care can learn more about our care model and explore opportunities with us at