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San Antonio Humana Neighborhood Center Offers Flu Shots, Friendship and Exercise

Humana Neighborhood Center members talking to associate

Like most weekdays, Luisa Flores traveled to her local Humana Neighborhood Center in San Antonio, Texas. But this day was special. Luisa had signed up to get her annual flu shot at the Center’s Flu Clinic. As a Humana member, Luisa takes advantage of programs and events offered at her local Center.

“Since I became a member, I’ve tried to get my flu shots here,” Luisa said. “For me, it’s more convenient. I feel like it’s friendlier.”

In September, Humana hosted Flu Clinics at 18 full-service Neighborhood Centers with as many as 3 clinics at select locations to meet the community’s needs. During each clinic, Humana members and non-members had an opportunity to receive flu vaccination delivered by a pharmacist onsite.

This year 1,977 people received a flu shot during one of the scheduled Flu Clinics. Around 80-90% of the flu shots administered were high-dose vaccines recommended for people over age 65. The remaining shots administered were standard quadrivalent vaccines recommended for people under age 65.

Some Humana members only take advantage of special events such as Flu Clinics at their local Neighborhood Center, while other members such as Luisa spend a few hours each day engaging in activities at their Center. 

“I love this place,” Luisa said. “It’s just like home.”

Luisa’s involvement with Humana began in 2017 when a fellow church member invited her to join a mall-walking group led by a Humana associate. “When I first started, I was not yet a member,” Luisa said. “I was just a visitor, but they said that I could go walk with them at the mall and get some exercise.” 

What started as a walk around the mall grew. “I started walking more, exercising more, and the camaraderie of doing it with other people was key for me,” said Luisa. “I also did a 5K walk sponsored by Humana. I used a walker, but I did it.”

As a member now, Luisa takes advantage of exercise classes, nutrition classes and more. “In a period of two years, I lost about 50 pounds with Humana,” said Luisa. “With eating healthy, getting all the tips of how to eat, and all of that stuff.”  

Luisa loves art and has taught jewelry-making classes at the Center. She can easily spend a couple of hours at the Center each day between exercise class, spending time creating art and attending other classes. 

“If I don’t have any doctor’s appointments or anything that’s pressing that I have to go to, I’m here five days out of the week. I love it here. And once I get here and I start doing my drawings, or I start painting with watercolors, or something, I just stay.

“I try to go to all the classes because they’re very informative. They’re good. Humana is also really helpful in the sense they tell you where to go look for the resources and if it’s not with Humana, they’ll give you a heads-up where else to go.

 “I really like it here. I mean they can’t get rid of me even if they wanted to.”

Humana Neighborhood Centers serve many purposes. For some people, they are a place to receive clinical care, such as flu shots. For others, they are a place to learn about better health habits and to find support while exercising with others. And they are always a place where you can find a way to express yourself. 

Visit a Humana Neighborhood Center in-person or online to participate in special events, programs and activities designed to improve physical and mental health. SilverSneakers classes at the Neighborhood Centers are available to Humana Medicare members whose plans include the SilverSneakers benefit. Many other services offered at the Neighborhood Centers can be used by anyone, including those who are not Humana members, at no cost. 

Your results may vary. It may not be typical to improve health conditions by taking the actions Luisa did.