Senior care

Humana Member Appreciates Access to Senior Focused Care

African American man and woman smiling at each other

“I've been blessed since I've been on Humana,” said Ms. Pam who has been a Humana member since the day she turned 65. At that time, she really liked her primary care doctor but didn’t like the long periods of time she had to wait to see her doctor. So she switched to a senior-focused clinic in Columbus, Ohio.

“Since I switched over to the senior clinic called Dedicated Senior Medical Center, I love it!” said Ms. Pam. “I call it the health and wellness country club for senior citizens because you walk in and it’s all my peers. There’s a lot of ‘Hi, how are you?’ greetings, and that’s wonderful.”

The Dedicated Senior Medical Center is a value-based, senior-focused primary care clinic—part of the ChenMed network of clinics which are in-network providers for Humana Medicare Advantage members.

The model of care offered by value-based clinics, like CenterWell Senior Primary Care or ChenMed, combines clinical care with social care. Beyond being able to see the doctor or nurse, you may be able to have your blood drawn for laboratory tests, talk to a social worker to be connected to services, or attend classes focused on helping patients achieve their best health.

We asked Ms. Pam what she appreciates about the services available at her local care clinic.

“First of all, they are dedicated to seniors. They will [offer transportation services] to come get you or give you a snack because a lot of times you get your blood drawn. They have exercise classes, nutrition and diabetes classes, and acupuncture, too. I just love the alternatives—they'll help you with alternative medicine if you're interested in doing that. But nutrition is a big thing, helping you to eat and [showing you] chair exercises.

“I enjoy the socialization while you're sitting in the lobby. They have fresh fruit, oranges, apples on the table, little bottles of water. You can make a cup of coffee or tea, and it's all us [seniors]. That's what I love. No kids running around. We can sit there and talk to each other, and you don't wait a long time. Usually, you get right back to your doctor, and they'll ask you, ‘How's your leg? How's your knee?’ I mean, they are just dedicated. I love them and they love you.”

“That's the way it should be,” said Ms. Pam.

The value-based care model takes a team-based holistic approach to patient care, guided by the primary care physician with support from a multi-disciplinary team including nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, social workers and others.

Learn more about Humana’s approach to value-based care in the 2023 Value-Based Care (VBC) report.