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How the Matter of Balance Class Helped Mike after His Stroke


Like countless couples before them, Mike and his wife Carol decided to retire to Florida in 2009. But, unlike others, they’d spent the past 41 years living in Ecuador as missionaries.

When they lived abroad, both Mike and Carol were healthy and didn’t have any significant health issues. That changed suddenly during a vacation to North Carolina to see their daughter in 2020.

Mike had a stroke and was taken by helicopter to a hospital that could handle his care. Carol was by his side every moment of his recovery, encouraging him during four weeks of hard work in rehab to be well enough to travel home to Florida.

When Mike returned to Florida, he was doing fairly well but couldn’t walk on his own. It wasn’t long after that he faced more health challenges. His stroke caused a brain bleed that required surgery. Soon after, he had a heart attack. In the following weeks, Mike spent four to five hours a day at a hospital for rehab and went to physical therapy once or twice a week.

When he received a notice in the mail about an eight-week, online fall prevention program called Matter of Balance at Humana’s Virtual Neighborhood Center, he knew he needed to take it.

At each class, Ada, a Humana health educator, opened each class with education and information, and then the class participated in a group discussion. That was Mike’s favorite part of the class, seeing how everyone would participate and giving their own input to how they liked the class.

Mike says he is putting into practice the things he learned in Ada’s class. He knows to be careful when he gets up and uses a walker and a cane to steady himself. And, he recommends this class to others saying, “Anybody who has been through what I have, needs to take the class. I don’t know what everyone in my class went through, but I know what I went through. It was helpful to me to have that instruction and have Carol by my side. God has been with me every step of the way and I am thankful for that.”

Flash forward to the end of 2021. It has been a few months since Mike has been in the hospital. He says between his rehab, physical therapy and exercises learned from the Matter of Balance class, he has become much stronger.

Humana Neighborhood Centers, both in-person and online via the Virtual Neighborhood Center, offer special events, programs and activities designed to improve physical and mental health. Many services offered at the Neighborhood Centers can be used by anyone, including those who are not Humana members, at no cost.

Hi: Did you know we have this class and that Humana only teaches it once a year? Humana’s eight-week fall prevention series program is happening in March 2022. To learn more about the class or to register visit, Matter of Balance 2022

HumanaNews: Are you or anyone know interested in taking a class to learn about balance and how to fall safely? If so, it’s coming up in March. Classes are open to everyone.

Caption: Mike and Carol sent Ada two homemade cards to show their appreciation for her work leading the Matter of Balance class. Mike says his wife of almost 55 years got into crafting after returning from Ecuador and now enjoys crafts while he is taking his naps.

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