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Health Educators Support Members One-on-One

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Humana health educators are skilled professionals who help members learn ways to be proactive in improving their health. Health educators work closely with members and often develop close relationships during one-on-one phone calls, educational classes and events.

Teresa is a Humana member in North Carolina who wanted to learn about nutrition, specifically ways to manage her diabetes through healthy food choices. She also wanted to know how to take advantage of her Go365 program. Go365 is Humana's wellness and rewards program offered on most Humana plans which assesses rewards for completing eligible healthy activities.

Over two years during the pandemic, Teresa worked with Rachael Holden and Morgan Arensman, Humana health educators, during bi-weekly one-on-one phone calls. Rachael and Morgan both became impressed with Teresa’s deep desire to learn, eagerness to report her successes and a growing pride in herself.

“Through consistent contact and educational outreach, Teresa has learned a lot of nutritional information related to saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt and hydration, each of which affect her diabetes,” said Morgan. Each section of a diabetes education class focuses on a new topic—from strategies to help control blood glucose to decoding food labels and recipe makeovers.

“Teresa is incredibly motivated to constantly learn and makes sure that she ends every phone call setting a goal for the coming weeks," Morgan said. "At the beginning of each bi-weekly phone conversation, Teresa begins with an update on how she did with meeting her goal during the prior two weeks.”

Once the Greensboro Humana Neighborhood Center re-opened its doors for in-person activities in 2022, Teresa was excited to attend her first in-person class. There she met Jill Davis, Health Educator, who maintains a close relationship with Teresa as she proactively puts her health and well-being first. Teresa continues to go to the Center to attend health classes, enjoy bingo, socialize and watch movies.

During a recent phone call, Morgan asked Teresa what she had learned over the past two years. Teresa said, “I know more about medicine. I do better with my health, walking, drinking water and eating better. I also have made a friend, and [learned that] talking to someone helps a lot.”

Teresa has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many different educators who have one thing in common—they each want to make sure that every member receives the information and support they need to live their healthiest, happiest and most active lives.

Humana Neighborhood Centers, both in-person and online, offer educational events, programs and activities designed to help with physical and mental health. Many classes can be used by anyone, including those who are not Humana members, at no cost. Each location offers a unique calendar of in-person or virtual events, programs and activities.

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Consult your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen. Your results may vary. It may not be typical to improve health conditions by taking the actions Teresa did.

Go365 rewards must be earned and redeemed within the same plan year. Rewards not redeemed before Dec. 31st will be forfeited.