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Gaining Confidence at Kentucky Humana Neighborhood Center

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Local Humana Neighborhood Centers offer educational classes, events, activities and more, designed to help our members live their healthiest and happiest lives.

When Nancy, a Humana member, received a postcard about upcoming events at her local center in Kentucky, she called to learn more about the Diabetes Support Series class. Nancy talked with Lauryl Kuper, Nurse and Health Educator at the Covington Humana Neighborhood Center.

“During our conversation, Nancy reported that she had never had any education on diabetes and had been a diabetic for 20 years,” said Lauryl. “Nancy didn’t exercise or check her blood sugars at that time.”

Like many seniors, Nancy faces challenges and to Lauryl, she seemed glum. During their initial conversations, Nancy expressed concerns about loneliness, trouble with finances and difficulty affording food—examples of social determinants of health that Humana is committed to addressing in our Medicare Advantage membership as we put each person’s health first.

When Nancy attended her first diabetes education class, she felt totally overwhelmed. There was so much information to learn. “She wasn’t sure if she was coming back,” said Lauryl, “but I encouraged her to try one more week and see how she felt.”

After the second class, Nancy began to feel more hopeful about the class as she was gaining a better understanding of diabetes. As a Humana member with the SilverSneakers benefit on her plan, she also started attending the SilverSneakers exercise class twice a week. Nancy became much more engaged and began to attend other nutrition and cooking demonstration classes, craft classes and one of her favorites—bingo.

Exercising regularly is one way to stay physically active as we age. A benefit included in many of Humana Medicare Advantage membership plans, SilverSneakers classes are held at select Humana Neighborhood Centers, fitness centers around the country and are available online. The classes can be a great place to exercise and to socialize.

After one class, Nancy told Lauryl that “the woman in the SilverSneakers class says I need to talk to you about Go365.” Lauryl reviewed the Go365 program with Nancy. Initially, Nancy was hesitant and worried that she was taking up too much of Lauryl’s time. But Lauryl reassured her “that this is exactly what we are here to help with.”

Go365 is Humana's wellness and rewards program offered on most Humana plans that rewards members for completing eligible activities, like completing preventative screenings, a workout or attending a health education class.

Rashanda Little, a Customer Care Specialist, helped Nancy with her Go365 program. Nancy learned that she had already earned rewards she could redeem for gift cards in the Go365 Mall which was wonderful news. Nancy’s initial goal in reporting her activities through Go365 was to earn enough to go out to eat with her husband for their anniversary.

Nancy and her husband celebrated their anniversary and even enjoyed a second date night out on the town. “It was great, and I even treated myself to a sweet tea. I never have those anymore.”

When people get excited about their health, become more engaged and gain confidence to lead more active lives, it is an inspiration to center employees who really get to know members on a personal level.

“We just love seeing Nancy come in with a big smile on her face all the time,” said Lauryl. “She isn’t afraid to share or ask questions anymore. She has just really done a 180 from the woman we initially met.”

Nancy may have started out feeling overwhelmed, but with the education and services available at the Covington Humana Neighborhood Center, she blossomed into someone who has the confidence and knowledge to take control of her health.


Looking for more information on managing diabetes for yourself or someone you love? Check out the on-demand Virtual Neighborhood Center class, Diabetes: Managing the Highs and Lows. Visit a Humana Neighborhood Center in-person or online to participate in educational events, programs and activities designed to help with physical and mental health.

SilverSneakers classes are available to Humana Medicare Advantage members whose plans include the SilverSneakers benefit. Many other services offered at the Neighborhood Centers can be used by anyone, including those who are not Humana members, at no cost.

Go365 rewards have no cash value. Rewards must be earned and redeemed within the same plan year. Rewards not redeemed before Dec. 31st will be forfeited.

Consult your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen. Your results may vary. It may not be typical to improve health conditions by taking the actions Nancy did.