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Friends Make Staying Active Fun and Rewarding

​Camaraderie and friendship are reasons that sport activities are great for human connection. Even as young children, games on the playground can be the place where you find lifelong friends. Combining fun with physical activity is a great way to stay engaged and connect with others at any age.

​Rosie Marie Ray, triathlete, cyclist and 2022 Humana Game Changer, finds that combining physical activity with social connection is a great way to stay active. She’s made lifelong friends while competing at events, such as the annual National Senior Games sponsored by Humana, and looks forward to meeting up with them each year.

​“My friend Diana comes in, and we get together with friends that we’ve met from everywhere, beginning in 2007 in Houston and 2013 in Cleveland,” said Rosie. “Wherever we go, we know we're going to be with a bunch of friends that we've met over the years. And that's a big thing. Keep your friends close and keep in touch.”

Rosie also says that knowing that she will see her friends provides wonderful motivation to stay active and keep in shape. But you don’t have to be a triathlete to focus on physical health and well-being. Motivation and friendship can be found in the people you meet at the local gym, community center or dog park. Your best cheerleaders may be the friends you meet in a local Humana Neighborhood Center exercise class.

​Social engagement and regular physical activity are important for whole-person health. Helping seniors stay engaged and connected through activities designed to improve physical and mental health is one way that Humana Neighborhood Centers support whole-person health.

​Humana is a proud sponsor of the National Senior Games. Learn how you can get involved in your state games and prepare for the 2025 National Senior Games in Des Moines, Iowa.

​Visit a Humana Neighborhood Center in-person or online to participate in special events, programs and activities designed to improve physical and mental health. SilverSneakers classes at the Neighborhood Centers are available to Humana Medicare members whose plans include the SilverSneakers benefit. Many other services offered at the Neighborhood Centers can be used by anyone, including those who are not Humana members, at no cost.

​To learn more about how Humana works to support whole-person health, encourage active aging and increase access to quality healthcare, visit our Impact Report.

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