Healthy aging

7 Tips to Enjoy an Active Life at Any Age

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Luisa Flores, Humana Medicare Advantage Member, San Antonio, TX

Living an active and vibrant life is possible at any age, whether it’s passion for art, thrill of sports, staying strong, or nurturing friendships. When seniors prioritize wellness and holistic health, they can make the most of their years. Humana is here to support whole-person wellness as older Americans spend more time doing the things they love and making a difference in the lives of others. 

According to the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), seven dimensions of wellness impact people’s ability to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life. Here are some ways you or someone you love can lead a more vibrant life, regardless of where you are on your wellness journey:

1. Focus on emotional wellbeing
Emotional resilience and wellbeing come from perspective and wisdom gained from life experience. Strategies to improve emotional health include practicing gratitude, learning to slow down, engaging in conversation, actively tapping into coping skills and embracing an expressive outlet.

2. Boost your brain health
Cognitive health can be boosted with activities that keep your mind and body active. Puzzles and brain teasers, changing your routine, staying active each day, socializing, getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated are all ways that you can support brain health and keep your mind nimble.

3. Stay physically active
Physical activity and gentle movement are not just about getting exercise, they are doorways to increasing energy levels, reducing stress and helping us to live independently. Walking is an excellent form of exercise but may not be appropriate under every circumstance. Check out these simple exercises, curated by the CDC, that can be done seated, on a plane or in groups and without any special equipment.

4. Nurture your passion and purpose
Passion and purpose in life help to nurture wellness in ourselves and others. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn more about or a hobby you want to start again? There’s no better time to start than now. Many of the same activities that support emotional, cognitive and physical health—such as dancing or participating in a book club—can spark passion and happiness. And sharing your time and knowledge through volunteering or mentoring are excellent ways to support others and meet new friends.

5. Socialize with others
Socializing can be as important to healthy aging as diet and exercise—and research shows people with strong social networks tend to live longer. Checking in with friends and family, joining others in your pursuit of movement, volunteering or gathering for an afternoon of boardgames are all ways to increase your social connections.

6. Focus on mind and body connections
Spiritual and mindful connections help to foster greater meaning in our lives. Whether it’s meditation to help your brain reset or spending time in nature enjoying the sound of birds, finding ways to connect with yourself and the world around you can boost your sense of wellness.

7. Enjoy nature
Environmental factors contribute significantly not just to how you age, but also to the way you feel about your overall quality of life. Your environment can increase your overall happiness, boost your sense of wonder and help you enjoy life more. Having access to nature, whether through parks, trails, sidewalks or woods can offer a significant boost to your social, psychological and emotional well-being.

Explore ways Humana, in partnership with the ICAA and Growing Bolder, are encouraging seniors to life and celebrate an active lifestyle by downloading our complimentary Playbook for Active Aging: 7 Keys for Whole Person Health.