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Furniture Donations Make a Difference in Communities

Humana donates furniture to school

Humana is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of every person we serve. This may seem like a simple, singular vision, but we know there are many factors that impact a person’s health – factors that span all areas of our lives. Environment, both our natural and our built environment, is a critical component with both immediate and long-term influences on health. At Humana, we believe the health of individuals is deeply tied to the health of our environment. 

Humana took advantage of having empty buildings during the pandemic to make improvements, including creating a healthier, more inclusive, and welcoming space for employees returning to the office. The Humana Workplace Solutions team carefully considered the design elements in the building, incorporating plants and trees, and more windows to let in natural light. They also updated the buildings to include more reliable plumbing, HVAC equipment, and systems to monitor temperature and fresh air flow.  Recognizing that returning employees would leverage the facilities for enhance collaboration, Humana also realized there would be less need for a traditional office set up. The company seized this opportunity to make a social and environmental impact by donating surplus furniture, equipment and supplies to help those in need and keep materials out of the landfill.

By optimizing Humana’s spaces, items like furniture and supplies can be redeployed internally within the company’s facilities or to our employees. Already, Humana has provided ergonomic chairs to more than 950 employees for their home offices. And when reuse isn’t possible, more than 145 tons of items have been recycled. 

One of the more exciting and impactful options Humana has put into practice is the donation of furniture and supplies to local community organizations across the country. Dan Bowen, Associate Director with Workplace Solutions, has been helping to lead this effort.  “I’m thrilled that we are able to give back to the communities where our associates work and live,” he said. “We are actively donating across the country and making a real difference to schools, non-profits, and community organizations. We have received great support from Humana leaders, and our team has been exceptional in leading this effort.” 

Recently, Humana loaded up a truck with office furniture – whiteboards, tables, desk chairs and bookcases – and donated the items to schools impacted by the devastating flooding in Eastern Kentucky. Other groups, like the Tampa Fire Department, Habitat for Humanity and American Red Cross have received items ranging from couches and chairs to microwaves and refrigerators. In all, Humana has donated more than 1,500 items with a value of over $166,000 in just a few months. This is just the first wave of donation efforts. Humana is currently putting together plans to be of assistance to organizations in need as a result of Hurricane Ian across Florida.

Humana is also making an impact with office supplies. Hillsborough Schools in Tampa, Fla. recently received over 50 boxes of office supplies. And more schools will benefit soon, including the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville. 

In the coming months, Humana will continue efforts to recycle, repurpose and donate office furniture and supplies to help our local communities while also serving as an environmental steward. If your community organization is interested in receiving a donation, please email

This is just one more example of how Humana is improving the health of each person, each community, the healthcare system, and the environment. Learn more in Humana’s Impact Report.